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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping For The Best Golf Equipment

I'm a big believer in using the right tools for the job at work, home, or play. Having the right tools makes getting the job done that much more enjoyable. With that said it's no doubt that I'm a big believer in having the right golf equipment.

Golf equipment, good golf equipment is something that all of those who play golf have to get themselves sooner or later. All of the best golfers have their own golf equipment and they have good golf equipment. You cannot get by with substandard golf equipment, you just can’t and in order to get the best golf equipment you need to know where to shop for it right? Right. So where is that anyway?

Where you will look for your golf equipment is going to depend on how much money you have to spend on it. If you make a lot of money and you can afford to burn some of it on some fancy new golf equipment then sure, go for it but if you are just a regular Joe you might want to start by looking at some used golf equipment. Don't forget about the tons of online golf shops that have everything from A to Z.. The convenience of shopping for golf equipment from your easy chair might just appeal to you.

You can find used golf equipment in many different places. One of my favorites is perhaps an unusual choice, but it is pawnshops. You would be amazed at the types of things pawnshops carry. Golf equipment is just one of the many things that they get loads of. You can find all kinds of golf equipment in these shops, everything from butter and clubs to golf balls and golf bags. You name it and somewhere a pawnshop has it.

So look in your local Yellow Pages to see how many shops there are in your town or city might carry golf equipment. You might even want to phone ahead to see if they have any golf equipment in stock. This can save you some serious travel time.

If you do have the money to burn on golf equipment then you can go to any good golf store. There you will be able to find all of the top name brands in golf and all of the golf equipment will be shiny and new. To some people this matter and to some it does not.

Now, if you are unsure of what kinds of golf equipment you should be getting ask around. You might also want to get a few golf magazines to see what they are raving about in terms of golf equipment. This can get you a good idea of what is hot and what is not in the wonderful world of golf equipment.

To Your Golfing Success!

By: Bob Peterson

Golf Clubs: The Most Essential Piece Of Golf Equipment

Golf clubs are an essential piece of golf equipment. You can make do without a hat and a golf cart – perhaps even golf shoes if the course you play on has very relaxed rules, but you will need some clubs and balls to play a round of golf. A good set of golf clubs can really improve your playing experience.

Golf clubs are categorized into two separate areas – drivers and irons.

Golf Clubs - Drivers

Generally, the first golf club that a golfer uses to drive the ball off of the tee is a driver. With the driver the golfer attempts to drive or hit the ball down the fairway at the greatest distance possible. However, it is important to make sure that with the initial drive you do not sacrifice accuracy for distance.

It is important to select the right drivers – most people can use a standard length club, but if you are very short, or very tall, you may need a one specially made for your height. You can also get drivers which have been altered to help a golfer with their swing by shifting the weight of the drivers head to compensate for any bad habits. You can get drivers which have been made from wood or metals such as titanium.

Golf Clubs - Irons

The golf clubs that are known as the irons are those golf clubs that are used after the initial drive off of the tee. As with the driver the shaft of the iron must be in proportion to the golfer’s height.

There are typically 8 clubs in a set of irons – they are usually made from graphite or steel. Irons are different from other golf clubs in that they have angled heads. As you go through the range of irons the heads are graduated in angle by around ½ and inch. Some of the irons are forged, and others are casted – which kind you prefer will probably be down to personal preference.

By: Darlene Berkel

Friday, November 14, 2008

Golfer Ballesteros likely to leave intensive care

By PAUL HAVEN, Associated Press Writer

MADRID, Spain (AP)—Seve Ballesteros is improving following brain surgery on a malignant tumor and is likely to be released from intensive care next week.

The golfer’s condition “continues to improve,” Madrid’s La Paz hospital said Friday in a statement. “It is likely that next week he will leave the intensive care unit.”

The 51-year-old Spaniard underwent a 6 1/2 -hour operation on Oct. 24 to remove the brain tumor and reduce swelling around the brain. It was his third operation since being admitted 18 days earlier after fainting at Madrid’s international airport.

The hospital said earlier that Ballesteros is conscious and able to talk to relatives. Following his release from intensive care, Ballesteros is likely to be returned to a normal hospital ward, according to the statement.

It was not clear when he might be cleared to go home.

Ballesteros, a five-time major champion, is known for spectacular shots and fearless play. He retired in 2007, but has remained active in the sport, designing golf courses.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Seville Golf and Country Club in Gilbert, Arizona

From: ArizonaFusion
Added: August 29, 2008

A tour of Seville Golf and Country Club in Gilbert, Arizona brought to you by Brad Shaffer of Arizona Fusion Real Estate at HomeSmart Realty in Phoenix, Arizona. Seville is a resort-style master planned community with homes starting in the $190's and well into the millions of dollars which features an 18-hole championship golf course, a Sports Club and waterpark and so much more.

Why So Many People Want To Take A Golf School Vacation

A golf school vacation is a popular vacationing choice for many people who love to golf. A golf school vacation provides the opportunity for rest, relaxation, and a great time while improving your golf game. If you are looking for the perfect way to spend your vacation, you may want to think about investing in a golf school vacation.

There are many resort locations that accommodate a great golf school vacation. While the golf school vacation will offer golfers of all skill levels great instruction on a gorgeous golf course, there is also plenty to do off of the course as well. Deciding which golf school vacation to take is a difficult one, only because there are so many great ones to choose from. One of the first things you need to consider to find a great golf school vacation is location. Where do you want to go? From Black Lake Golf Resort in California to Saddlebrook in Florida, many of these luxurious resorts are located in areas that are known for their beauty and favorable climate for golf.

Other than location and favorable weather, there are other factors that play an important role in choosing a golf school vacation. Each resort is unique in what they provide during golf lessons. A golf school vacation will give you great instruction including private lessons with the instructors, 18-hole games, personalized tips and suggestions, and much more. Many of the resorts that cater to your golf school vacation offer not only standard great amenities but also include a night-before conference call with your instructor to discuss strategies about what you hope to gain from your time during your golf school vacation. Some of the places that you’ll visit on your golf school vacation also offer the option to continue your training with unlimited access to practice courses and video evaluation with the instructors there even after your vacation has ended.

The packages that the golf school vacation for you can offer range from ones for individuals to ones designed for children and families. Beginners enjoy step-by-step hands on courses that start with the basics of golf, including etiquette, posture, strategy, and the rules of the game. A golf school vacation for more experienced players includes more intense instruction, advanced focus on technique, and tips and tricks that any advanced player is sure to appreciate.

By: Kelly Renaul

Golf Swing Basics - 2 Drills For Improvement

The great game of golf is truly a sport for individuals.The basics are the same for every player,however due to the many differences in people’s body types,no two people will ever have the same swing.Every person will need to adapt their bodies to perform a proper golf swing in their own way.Taking time to develop your own method of playing golf will improve your success and enjoyment.Practicing the golf swing basics of the game until they are ingrained in your muscles will lead to confidence,and that confidence will lead to success and enjoyment straight away.

One of the most basic principals that you can put into action and see an immediate improvement with your golf swing is to keep your head still and keep your eyes on the ball.The position of your head should be straight in line with your spine,and your nose should be raised up so that when you swing,your left shoulder will be under your chin.Many players tuck their heads into their chests to try and keep their heads still and look straight down at the golf ball.At that point,they cannot perform a proper golf swing while in that position.This is not the right technique when learning about golf swing basics.

If you are one of the many that are having problems with golf swing basics,keeping your head straight and your eye on the ball will make for better contact.The next time you approach the ball,assume the correct setup with your feet and knees in position and keep your head and back straight,bend forward a little at the waist and look straight at the ball.If you take a swing in this position,your left shoulder will probably hit your chin.While keeping your eyes on the ball,lift your head slowly until your left shoulder does not hit your chin.Making sure that your head does not move from side to side by keeping your eyes planted on the ball.Slowly go through the backswing and downswing.Do not hit the ball and make sure to follow through.Practice your golf swing focusing on keeping your head straight and eyes on the ball.

Another aspect behind golf swing basics that helps greatly towards improving your golf swing is to relax.Relaxing your muscles will help you to maintain the proper balance that is important to any great golf swing.No matter what clubs you use,your balance is the foundation of your golf swing,and the way to achieve good balance is to practice.A good way to practice improving your balance is to assume the setup position with your club,relax your body and try holding it there for about 15 seconds.Do you feel like you have more weight on one foot or the other? Is there a part of your body that feels more tense then the other?

Keeping your head straight and maintaining balance are just two parts of a great golf swing basics.The drills written above are just two simple ways that you can start training to improve your golf swing.You can work on either one separately,or combine the two into one exercise.Training the muscles of your body to properly perform movements takes time and practice.Effort spent on improving your golf swing basics will pay off quickly.Through exercise and practice,you will be able to setup into the proper address position and perform an effortless,powerful golf swing.

By: zeeman9999

Golf Cubs: The Key Tools Of Golf

Golf clubs are the key tools of the game. Devoted players show extraordinary emotional attachment to the clubs. And why not? After all, clubs are here to hunt scores.

Many people have a misconception that to own good quality golf clubs, they need to spend a huge sum. But it's not necessary to have an expensive set. What actually matters is to get a proper set. And nowadays, with advanced technologies, manufacturers are designing clubs in a way to help golfers play with more ease.

There are five types of golf clubs - woods, irons, wedges, hybrid woods and putters. Wood clubs are meant to make the ball cross a long distance down the fairway right towards the hole. In general, these clubs have large heads and long shafts in order to maximize club speeds.

Traditionally wood golf clubs were made from persimmon woods but since 1980's manufacturers are opting for alternative materials like titanium, steel and carbon or scandium in recent times. Irons got their names like wise as these are usually made of cast irons. These have flat angled faces and are shorter in shaft length than that of woods. Iron golf clubs are crafted for shots taken from rough lies, over the tree shots or those played from the base of the hills.

Wedges are basically high-loft irons and are meant for a wide variety of high altitude, short distance and particularly high accuracy shots. These golf clubs are for attack shots, lay-up shots and chipping. Broadly there are four types of wedges, designed for specific shots of which lofts range from 48° to 60°. Hybrid clubs are basically used instead of either irons or woods. These are meant to combine long distance of woods and swings of irons. Putters are special types of golf clubs having lofts below ten degrees and designed to roll the balls along the spread of grass.

Before buying golf clubs, one has to check the parts i.e, Shaft, clubhead, loft, grip and ferrule. Shaft is one of the most essential considerations. Nowadays club manufacturers are using steel or graphite. Graphite shafts are light in weight and allow high swing of clubs whereas steel shafts are durable and less expensive.

For beginners, cast iron heads are better than forged ones since they are spotted to provide large sweet spot and can deliver more forgiving on accuracy. While choosing golf clubs, one should consult a club professional as there is no universal design that suits for all. What would be right for your partner may not be so for you. Also there is a gender factor. Men's clubs are usually I inch taller than women's clubs.

Golf clubs' prices vary a great deal. Top of the line iron sets range from $700 to $1200 while high grade putters and drivers range between $300 and $600. But for a beginner it's not always required to start with a new set of golf clubs. In certain garage sales, one can pick up full set of clubs at cheap prices.

By: ratetake